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2012 chevron world challenge [Winner?]

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    An 18 man field including tiger woods are playing this week for world ranking points.

    + Do you think Rory is going to give up the #1 stop in 2013.. if so when and to who?


    TW likes to win his own show and I think he will again. I don't expect Rory to lose the number #1 ranking in 2013 unless TW wins a major then look out.


    bogus tournement in my opinion.  If anyone is to push Rory, my guess would be Justin Rose.  He appears to be coming into form.


    Yeah world ranking points are sore subject with me. one or two players would take ranking points around to little tournaments and  people who played in those get points while big field PGA events would get snubbed if that player did come and play in that event. I don't have problems with this event but it's a silly season event and should not have ranking points associated with it.

    I am not sure I have seen the fire from Rose to be number #1 but after the Ryder cup he is started to look like a player who could do it.


    TW wins, should not award points, and Rory won't be caught.


    i think this event is really bad for golf.  18 players, no cut, and everyone gets world ranking points.  it helps keep the top players on top and the bottom players from advancing.  not sure who will win and i doubt i'll even watch.  it's nice to see all (or most) of the top players all in one event, but they aren't going to be fully invested as they are for an event during the summer.

    i think Rory falls to 2 or 3 next year.  i think there will be an adjustment period for him with his new equipment.  i could see Luke Donald, Lee Westwood, or Adam Scott making a move this year.

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    I think TW wins the Chevron as well. I'm not sure if Rory will be caught but, I think several players have a good shot. TW, Adam Scott, Justin Rose, Luke Donald, maybe even Louis Oosthuizen.  


    TW, it's a valid tournament with a strong field! If TW gets his short game in order he can take back #1!

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    Rory may well loose the #1 spot: new clubs, ball etc will make it tougher. It's hard enough to maintain that level of play without equipment changes; (do you think Nike will make a set of clubs for him to his Titleist specs?). It will be a great field to watch, but I also think ranking points should be available only to full field events, not end of year, elitist "show" tourneys. It isn't fair to players that need points more than the select few included in the field of 18.


    I am loving watching these guys having their balls plug badly. It makes me feel like they are playing on the same type of conditions I have to play. lift clean and place gets tiring :(

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    Didn't see any coverage today.  Was the course any better today?

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    It was a good tournament...tough course conditions with all the water...seen a lot of the big hitters on tour not being able to go for the par 5's in two because of the thickness in the air. Will Rory give up his number one spot? I don't see it happening, definitely not to tiger thats for sure. I don't tiger has it in him any more to chase down leaders. could be wrong though.


    Beautiful course, lots of great challanging holes, not too interested in the overall tournement.  I guess it was nice to see G-Mac pull out a victory.


    Great victory for Graeme McDowell....Sherwood seems to be his course. Creates some positive momentum toward 2013 for him.

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    Too bad about the stupid heckler abusing Keegan bradley though.  Long putters are still legal, and shouldn't need asterisks for victories when they do go away...but hope the Scotty Cameron/Titleist guys can adjust...but I agree with the rule change...