The Open Replay


    When I got home last night, the replay of the Open was on.  They were showing the end of the 3rd round, with Scott holding a 5 stroke lead.  

    I really can't imagine the pressure he felt coming down 18 knowing he just about clinched his 1st major.  All of a sudden it looks like he was just coming apart at the seems.  I really felt bad for him.

    Can't say enough for his post round interview.  He really showed his true passion for the game and how a loss should be handled.

    Truly the Mark of a Player, a real gentlemen.  

    I am really pulling for him in 2013 to pull out a victory at a major.


    Yeah I watched it too. he seems to be moving on ok. His caddie need to do his job down the stretch and he will get a couple. such a talent.


    i caught the end of that.  two very classy guys in adam and ernie.  really surprised steve williams let him hit 3-wood on 18 when he had hit iron all week.  not sure if maybe adam overruled him or not.