Raffle Ticket Saved a Life

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    LPGA Player of the Year Stacy Lewis was featured in a recent article discussing her experiences with a severe case of scoliosis and the man that saved/changed her life.

    When Lewis was just entering college, Dr. Gary Brock bought a raffle ticket in a charity golf tournament at The Woodlands Country Club -- Lewis' home course. The raffle prize was lessons with the Woodland's pro. Whether it was in stars or not, Dr. Brock and his lone raffle ticket ended up winning the prize. Dr. Brock took the lessons where he learned more about Ms. Lewis and her medical condition. Although his plan would be a long and painful recovery for Lewis, Dr. Brock devised a way to fix Lewis' back and give her body the strength she needed for her game.

    Lewis redshirted her first year at Arkansas and went on to tie 3rd in the Kraft Nabisco Championship and then undefeated in the Curtis Cup.

    Lewis believes she owes her achievements to Dr. Brock and his lucky raffle ticket.

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    Great story, thanks for sharing. She could be the one to bringing the #1 world ranking  player back to the US.


    wow, glad to hear it worked out for her. neat story, thanks for sharing


    There are many stories how golf was a therapy for lots of "unfamous" people - "How golf change my life?".

    This one from Stacy is great.


    Great Story, never knew that about her before.  It is certainly working as she is #1 in the world..

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    Thats a really cool story, funny how things work out like that. I hope Stacey Lewis continues her good play.


    Interesting story, TG.  Thanks for sharing.