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Justin Timberlake Shriner's Hospitals for Children Open

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    I'm watching the Justin Timberlake Shriner's Hospitals for Children Open Pro-Am. Who do you pick to win the tournament (for a great cause)?

    By the way, did any of you see the Justin Timberlake Golf Ode video at the Ryder Cup? It's available on the Golf Channel web site.


    Does not look like Justin and The Shriner's are getting along. They are ending their relationship this year, but keeping the golf tournament.

    Ryan Moore shot a 61 today. should be a good week. I like Moore not the way he dresses but the beard, not many guys can pull a beard off on the PGA tour. I am going with Ryan Moore this week wire to wire.


    Ryan Moore looks real strong, but with the ability to go low in Vegas it's anyone's game still.

    Yah Justin has kind of peed them off some saying he doesn't participate in the TV like he should, he is more there to hob knob and golf himself.

    Shame there have been a few celebs that lent their names to events and even though they are over people still call them by the celebs name. Crosby, Sammie David Jr., Jammie Farr classic, the Hope, Diana Shore, and many more. All great championships w great charities!