Rory and his tee time


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    I'm not sure what brand of watch Rory has but if I was him I would have set it to local time as I got off the aircraft. This is day three, he was on time for the previous days' rounds: something is not quite holding water here. In his defence  he play's marvelous golf when he doesn't practice too much, he holed putts he was missing in the previous rounds.

    i agree some this is a little fishy.  but then maybe we're a little more skeptical after Tiger.  not trying to imply anything that happened was like the TIger situation, just saying the public isn't as trusting as it use to be.  but i guess if you're watching TV and they say your tee time is at a certain time, you might not think about it.  but at the same time, don't you think you wouldn't want to rely on the GC for your tee time??


    Saw the car pull up to the course and saw Rory jump out and run....But until reading this post was not aware of the reason behind the action....Seems to be broken links in communication and logistics with Team Europe....Happy to handle the time keeping at the 2014 Ryder Cup.!


    Rory's watch costs more than my car.  You would think that it could self adjust for the time zone that he's in.

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    I agree with tdogg21 I think there might be more to this story that we just won't ever find out.  I was surprised that his caddie or the rest of the team wasn't making sure he was there.  However, did he show up just 30 mins before his final round tee time at Kiawah?

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    As much as I blame Ror's for this it's also on JMO, the alternate captains and his caddie.  Unusual though...would love to know what really happened.

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    Thats how we Irish Golfers roll.. :-) Keep everyone waiting!!