Peter Uihlein at the European Challenge Tour


    I found that Peter is playing now in regularly basis the European Challenge Tour, a kind of European Tour 2nd league.

    After 3 tournments on the top ten he's now in the 30th position (just the first twenty get the right to play the 2013 European Tour).

    This weekend he's playing the Kazahkstan Open, and after the first round is leading with 9 under. Here are some pics from the Kazahkstan Open first day.



    Great shots.  He said he ran into Borat the other day!


    Did he miss his card last year?

    Guessing so ... so many players have started at the low end before progressing through the ranks. Will be interesting to see what he does the next couple of years.



    You know he is in it for the love of the game, that's for sure.  He is a great kid!


    This weekend Peter gamed an European Tour Tournament (Tshwane Open in South Africa), and made his best ever result, 4th  with 17 under and earned a prize money of 74 k€.

    Congrats Kid !!