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    Hmmm... Tiger has been consistent over the year, Rory has the major. Tiger was in every major at some point but had a case of the weekend bogeys. Very tough to call, Tiger brings people to their TVs and to the courses.


    I think you could make a case for Zach Johnson if he could win one more (especially in the playoffs)


    he has played in 20 events 74 rounds, made more cuts and has 6 top 10's.  Granted only 2 wins to Tiger's 3 but at fourth in FedEx Cup you have to say he's played some superb golf.  



    PGA 11th

    Open 3rd

    US Open 21st

    Masters 40th



    PGA 70th

    Open 9th

    US Open 41

    Masters 32



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    Agree it has to be Rory...not only with two majors but two majors that were both records as far as shots over the rest of the field.



    if it ended right now, tiger would have 3 wins to Rory's 2, he would have won the FedEx cup and the money title.  they each missed 3 cuts this year with one of Rory's in a major.  Rory has an extra top-10 but Tiger edges him in scoring average.  and they each only have 1 top 10 in a major.  that's practically a dead-heat, but with Tiger "winning" the FedEx cup, the money title, and the scoring title, i think that pushes him past Rory.

    however, with all of that said, their stats are so close, it could all change in one week.



    END OF YEAR=????



    Today's poll on Morning Drive was for "Player of the Year" up to this point.  The 3 choices were:

    1) Rory McIlroy; 2) Tiger Woods; and 3) Someone Else.   I vote for Rory because a major win where 

    a record is set beats 3 regular wins.   Any takers on that ?   Or, Someone Else ?  

    Gotta go with the Major at PGA Champ- Kiawah (tough course)- Rory McIlroy.

    There are a few more tournaments left in the year. . . yes, it could flip over.



    Agree it has to be Rory...not only with two majors but two majors that were both records as far as shots over the rest of the field.


    Sorry Miguel but the 2011 US Open won't count in the 2012 POY vote. 

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    END OF YEAR=????


    Bingo-you got it 100 percent

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    I agree with you that Bubba had the shot of the year, and he would be my runner-up choice for POY.   However, the case for Rory as POY not only includes breaking the record, but the additional factor of his number one world ranking.   For both these reasons, I maintain my position that Rory edges out Bubba up to this point.   Having said that, other community members have made the valid point that there is still the potential for players to do something stellar during the post-season to take top honors !  


    Before we name Tiger player of the year I think we should at least wait till after Thanksgiving (just to be on the safe side).


    got to agree with mr holley here.  the year is not over and we must also remember that luke donald won it last year without a major and his record for 2011 was not as good as tigers for this year so far.

    if tiger takes 1 leg of the fed ex play-offs he would probably take the championship and POY.

    if he doesn't and ror's does, there is a very good argument that it should go to rory.


    So far Tiger not doing much wrong but Rory hot on his heels and if Rory wins this week it will put him in poll position but still a very long way to go!


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    Rory will be a clear #1. No contest when it is all over.

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    1. rory




    One more for Rory!!!