Congratulations to FootJoy - All Four Majors!




    FJ has been on a big winning streak, in all tournaments.

     Devin, does FJ have the total number of wins this year?

    I have the count at work will post tomorrow, but it is somewhere in the ball park of 66% of the tournaments on the PGA Tour won by FJ players.


    Our players currently own 22 of the 36 t4ourneys on the PGA Tour.  I was a little off with the 66%, the current percentage it 61%.

    Great year so far for FJ!  Always nice to sweep the majors.  Hopefully Team FJ can keep it going into the playoffs.

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    Yep. Pretty nice. Did Ernie used to wear the shoe brand with three stripes ?
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    Looks like we might have to have a discussion on whether FJ shoes should be illegal or not just like the long putters...


    No real need to say FJ is a quality product is there ... or we wouldn't all be here!


    Have had a quick look at the majors since 2001 and doesn't look like this has happened since then.

    Have never seen the Masters trophy before and that's a bit weird cause have been watching since late 70s.

    Has Bubba worn the White/Pink since ... or have they been retired?

    Thought he may have been wearing this model constantly or at least variations thereof considering how superstitious some of the golfers are. But Bubba is relatively conservative with his shoe choice though.

    Pretty sure Els never wore the #52163 during the Open but happy to stand corrected though.

    Great result for Footjoy.



    Nothing better than a FJ Slam ! The four majors and counting.....

    Best balance and stability out there  !


    Very creative, love seeing all the tropies side by side.


    Will one person ever hold all 4 at one time again?


    This is awesome!  Gives a true meaning to "FootJoy- Mark of a Player!"

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    Nice grand slam.  No surprise that 3/4 are icons cause they're great shoes