Tiger & Padraig being timed?

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    Any comments on the referee telling tiger and ZPadraig that hey are bing timed?  Tiger made a comment and is being fined and I believe that is just.  for years the pros have been taking their time and nothing was said.  I believe the right thing was done, regardless of who the players were.  Seventeen minutes behind on ANY course is too long.



    Turns out Tiger was not fined.  PGA official spoke without proper knowledge of what was truly going to happen.

    Here is the article:
    Tiger Woods says he was not fined for comment

    Associated Press
    Posted: August 11, 2009

    CHASKA, Minn. – Tiger Woods has said he was not fined by the PGA Tour for his critical remarks about a rules official putting the last group on the clock at Firestone.

    A PGA Tour official told The Associated Press on Monday that the world’s No. 1 player would be fined for his comment. He spoke on condition of anonymity because the tour does not publicize fines.

    A section of the PGA Tour handbook says “it is an obligation of membership to refrain from comments to the news media that unreasonably attack or disparage tournaments, sponsors, fellow members, players or PGA Tour.”

    “I’ve heard from the tour and there’s no fine,” Woods said. “That was an erroneous report.”


    He mentioned something about that in his press conference today on Golf Channel.  He was saying that, after the Paddy incident, the group in front of them was walking off 18 tee when they got to 17 tee.  That doesn't seem too out of place to me.




    Even if they were a little out of place, isn't the point of the pace rule to keep it from getting backed up for players BEHIND you?  They were they last group... why do you feel the need to put them on the clock? 

    Wouldn't you think they would receive a verbal warning before being thrown on the clock?  I am all for following rules, but when it isn't going to affect anything except MAYBE "60 Minutes", I can't see the harm in letting them finish on their own time.  It's not like they were 2 holes behind and it was getting dark... seems a little odd.


    If they were out of position then they should be on the clock. It doesn't matter who the player is or if they are in the last group.

    In my opinion, a full hole behind is out of position. If the group in fron is off the next tee, you should already be walking down the fairway.


    The official was out of line telling them they were being time - regardless of who it was!  I think common sense has to be used by the officials in these types of situations.  You had the 2 leaders of the golf tournament in the last group, one of which was basically certain to win with the separation they created and on the 16th hold of the final round.  If they were 17 minutes behind on #5, that's one thing, but being only about a hole behind after Padraig's troubles, really not bad.  Glad to see they aren't being fined, and also very nice that Tiger spoke out defending Padraig in a way...


    I understand if those are the rules, but they were the last group and the winner was coming out of that group.  It may have had more to do with TV than anything else. 


    Besides wanting them to finish with in the TV time. They shouldn't have been put on the clock.  They were the last group and I dont think the fans cared they were behind.


    I'm sorry, but I must disagree. Why should the last group in a tournament be playing to a different rules standard than the other groups in the field?

    If the Tour has a pace of play policy, it must be enforced evenly across the field regardless of where the group is in relation to the field ( first, middle or last) and who is in that group.

    I personally feel sorry for Harrington. He did struggle with a few shots. But if they did fall behind, they still needed to be told.


    This is a tough one. The rules are set for all players.

    They were not holding anyone up. Sounds like the t.v. producers got involved instead of common sense.


    At your local course or club, the ranger has the right to keep the pace of play moving... On a sunday round for a PGA Tour victory... the FINAL GROUP?

    NOW your worried about two players that are scratching and clawing to win a trophy and big check (literally, it's huge)?

    It's great drama... Great for TV... Tiger and Paddy down the stretch... the great shots... the horrible misses... all the ebbs and flows...

    No shot clock in golf... unless the group behind you called the pro shop of course...


    I guess that I am in the minority by thinking that it should not matter which group you are in. Just because there wasn't anyone behind does not give a group the right to have the pace of play rule waived.


    Guess the question is were they the reason play was so slow or was it due to TV timeouts? Hard to punish the last group if they are going slower becasue they needed to break for commercials. Rules are the rules though.

    How about that 8 iron???? AMAZING!

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    it is the first time i have ever seen slugger white say tiger was not right....tiger said on 17th tee that they were 5 minutes behind and slugger ansswered that he was wrong and they were over 14 minutes behind at that point....i am surprised the media didnt make more of this.


    Its the last group on the last day, people tune in every sunday to see that type of match between to great players, I'm sure noone at home, or none of the channels covering the tourny had a problem with them being "slow".