Congrats to Curtis!


    Head to toe in FJ gear!  Well done Ben!

    Good job
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    I would like to give a congrats to Mr. Curtis as well. A well-deserved victory. That par save on 17 was impressive!


    17 was unreal, gave him no shot to make that putt, then bang! Good win for him. He has fallen on some tough times and deserved a W.

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    Great win for Ben!


    Luvin the white shirt on Friday, Ben!


    Steady AND clutch play by Ben Curtis. Congratulations to our FootJoy wearing winner!

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    Good win for him nice to see him win again.

    Talk about the mounting pressure coming down the stretch, Ben hung in there, and FJ helped him get there.

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    Just finished watching the DVR of the tourny. Way to grind it out ben! 


    glad he can now stay in the States and stay with his family for the next couple of years...since he was travelling to and from Europe, had to be tough for him and his family


    Great Win for Ben and FJ.


    -ICONs for ALL


    I really like Ben Curtis.  He seems like one of those guys that you can really pull for on the course.   I've followed him ever since he won the British Open.  He's definitely had some hard times with his game over the past couple of years, so it's good to see him get another win and some status.  If anyone saw his post round comments, it was obvious that the victory meant a lot to him.  

    It's easy for me to cheer for guys like Ben Curtis because they work hard and grind for every win and dollar.


    i was glad to see him get a win.  it was long over due.  i hate when people refer to guys as 'one-hit-wonders'.  i'm sorry, but if you win a major, you have game.  even if you never win another tourney.  just glad he was able to get back in the win column and hopefully he can continue this momentum going forward.