Greatest Sunday collapse in a major?

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    I'm short on time this AM so no full top 10 list, but here's an abbreviated list of "chokes" that stand out in my head.

    1.  '99 British, Van de Velde (the name is now a synonym for "collapse").

    2. Greg Norman, 1996 Masters

    3  Phil Mickelson, 2006 US Open

    t4.  Kenny Perry, 1996 PGA & 2009 Masters

    6.  Tom Lehman, 1996 U.S. Open

    7.  Tom Watson, yesterday

    (1996 was a year of gags...never realized it)



    What do you view as the "choke" from yesterday? The 8-iron? The putt from the fringe? The 10-footer for the win or the playoff? Or do you look at it as a whole? Just curious. It's always so hard to point to one shot losing a tournament and yesterday was a good example.

    For me, it's a lot easier. I had a 6-footer on 18 to shoot 39 on my back nine yesterday and blew it. So that was the choke!

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    I put yesterday lower on my list because a simple bogey on the 72nd hole is not necessarily a "choke" -- bogeys happen.  But it was tough to see him mkae bogey from the middle of the fairway, and several decisions contributed to the bogey:

    1)  When he had all the room he could have asked for below the hole (a 2-putt from 40 feet wins the tourney), flying the green with his approach.

    2)  Chosing to putt from the rough, through the fringe, and up a hill where a flip wedge was likely the better play off a clean lie.

    3)  Not even threatening the hole on an 8-footer to win the tourney.


    I'm not sure I could call Watson's missed putt on 18 a choke. The guy fought a pretty tough battle and for someone who plays more 54 hole tournaments than 72, the fact that he stayed around the top of the leaderboard for the entire day was pretty impressive. So I'm going with the Van de Velde "collapse" of '99.


    I have to agree, I would go with Van de Velde. If he had just taken a drop he could have won or tied. I have seen that burn and playing out of it would be nearly impossible as Van de Velde proved.

    I feel bad for Watson, bad/hard bounce on the 72nd green. It is easy for us all to second guess why he putted the ball, but the lies behind that green are never that easy and I guess he thought that chipping it would be more dangerous.


    I wouldn't consider Watson a collapse.  To me, a collapse is having a pretty good lead at the beginning of the day and then blowing up with a 76 or 77 for your final round.  I think Watson was pretty consistent for the entire tournament, but just happening to make bogey on the last hole.  I agree with the comment that you might second guess his putt vs. a chip, but I'm sure he played the shot that he was most comfortable with.

    Also, I'll add myself to choking a few weeks ago in a tournament.  2 under through 15 and played the last three holes in 6 over (with a triple on a par 3)...CHOKE.  Would have been the first time that I shot under par in a tournament...CHOKE.


    Van de Velde and Norman have got to be the top 2.


    Van de Velde definately tops my chart, Can't say much on Watson (he is our club's Pro emeritus) I just don't agree with how he played his last 4 shots, but he made a great run at one of the toughest majors.

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    Can we all agree to call THAT a choke/collapse today? 

    I feel bad for PH...would've been a signature FJ win.


    It was painful to watch and I too feel bad for Paddy.  I was really hoping he was going to pull that win out. That was definitely an unfortunate turn of events. A great battle nonetheless.


    How much do you think being on the clock hurt Harrington?


    Did anyone see Stevies reaction when Paddy put that ball in the water? Priceless!


    I agree it was priceless, he looked like he was watching one of use play!


    I would have to go with Norman at the Masters and Van De Velde at the Open.  Two of the saddest days in golf.  It is tough to watch those guys completely black out and struggle like that.



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    I also think it would be Norman at the Masters.  That was painful to watch.