Rickie switches clubs


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    A little bit of Puma history for you folks.... And it has nothing to do with Rory.

    Puma has long been in the athletic shoe and apparel business worldwide. They are HUGE in Europe, and rival Addidas over there. One of their major marketing efforts over the years has been their affiliation with Ferrari in motorsports, particularly in Formula One. Thus they had drivers like Ayrton Senna, the late, great Brazilian driver in their stable.

    And for those of you that know Ferrari, their signature color is a reddish orange. It's not exactly OSU orange, but not too far afield. It made things quite easy when RF came into the fold to leverage that scheme.

    Interestingly enough the founders of Puma and Addidas were brothers.



    Hey Titleist still has Stricker and Rory.. More established winners!

    EXACTLY... not to mention Watney, A. Scott and Webb!


    Orange irons?! I've got to see those, seeing that my favorite color is orange!


    Going on with the Ferarri (cars) discussion in relation to golf, my dream is to have golf apparel with the FJ logo, FJA logo when I reach that level and the Porshe logo! I would spend way too much money on this.




    It's official -- Rickie Fowler is switching from Titleist clubs to Cobra. Since Cobra was formerly owned by Acushnet, will he see radically different technology?

    I've seen the Amp line in photos and know what they're marketing. But I think his gamers will be similar to the MBs he's used from Titleist. There's a cool commercial announcing the line:

    RF supplied input for his irons, they are nearly identical to his (former) MBs.



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    Ricky's new clubs aren't doing much for him this year. He should switch back.