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Kathy Whitworth


    I just returned from a week in Tucson managing the inaugural Women's Senior National Invitational, a Legends Tour event played at Tucson National. I'll write another post about the event, but wanted to share a fantastic opportunity I had. I met Kathy Whitworth when she got in town for a post-event party Sunday night, and was able to chat with her for about 20 minutes at a private outing the next day.

    She is as outgoing and personable as ever, and a great ambassador for women's golf and golf in general. She plays in outings and with friends, not competitively these days. She even told me she worries sometimes that she'll disappoint her playing partners because they might expect too much from her! I told her I felt sure anyone would be honored to meet her, much less play golf with her.

    I mentioned to her that I read a Ron Sirak article in Golf Digest last year that really emphasized what a truly great career she had. Everyone knows about her 88 wins, but Sirak pointed out that she also had 95 second-place finishes! Incredible. She told me that fact really stood out to her, too -- that she'd never thought about all those times she came in second.

    I am thrilled to have met her. What a woman.




    Thank you so much for this news. Congratulations on the opportunity, because it's truly a once in a lifetime..... Well done.

    I wish someone like Golf Channel would spend some more time bringing in some of golf's greats in a joint discussion; people like Ms. Whitworth, Nancy Lopez, and Annika together, for example. It's so important for the new generations of players to hear stories like this from the greats of the game. Similar to the piece just done about Tom Watson. But I want to see more ladies who developed the LPGA.

    Thanks for your news here.


    Amazing experience, congrats. Did you get to play with her?


    Must have been quite a thrill to be able spend that much time with one of the LPGA's legends. I envy you. It would be nice if you could meet even more of the legends at some time in the future, but this meeting is going to last you a lifetime.






    That is so cool! did you get any swing tips?


    Thanks so much for sharing!!  What a wonderful experience for you to meet one of the game's greats!!  I hope you had an opportunity to play a round with her.  Please give us a follow up note to the event. 


    Nice post. We don't read much about the LPGA, so it's even better  to read about legends of the LPGA. Keep us update on the event.