What does everyone think of Jerry Rice playing in the Nationwide Events?

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    Is it a publicity stunt or does he have the tools to win?

    I think he's out of his league and he only declared professional to support his Tournament......


    Rice is an avid golfer, but it remains to be seen if he can really compete with the players on the Nationwide Tour. Time will tell.


    He can play.

    I think the first time out he made a few bad decisions and it sounds as if he learned from them.  I think if he can hold his own then let him be.

    Besides anything is better then hearing about TW.


    Win , I don't think so. But I do think he will play well .

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    if he can play which from what i hear he can... let him play  give him a shot


    He may be a very good amateur player (about a 2) but when it comes to playing against guys that have made thier career out of playing the game I think he is out of his league. It would be like a kigh school corner back trying to cover him when he was in his prime, just isn't going to work.

    I applaud him for giving it a try, but he should leave it up to the guys who can play well enough to make a living at the game.


    I am sure that it will get more people out to the course to watch which is the number one reason that he is there. But he can play and he is really competitive so he will learn and improve but should he take the place of some guy that is trying to make a living? In the long run I think that it will be good for the tour and better for everyone on the tour.


    He can play but not on the NW tour.  It's a whole different beast when you try to make it on the tour, I wish him luck but I have doubts.


    He's a good player but, not sure if he can make it consistently on the NW let alon win.  However, I think its great that he is pursuing another dream.  You never and that's what makes golf a wonderful game..everyone has an opportunity if they are willing to work at it!!  Besides, he an incredible athlete!!