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Another FJ Winner - Way To Go Bohn!


    FJ just keeps on rolling along and piling up the wins..hey, Chris, maybe you can do some historical fact finding and see how many Tour Wins FJ actually has had since you first started to endorse players..Congrats Jason!!


    +1...I would like to know how many wins FJ has racked up as well.


    Wow, you guys don't play around! That might take some time to pull together.

    You could say the first event an FJ-sponsored player won was actually a team event....the 1927 Ryder Cup matches. FootJoy was the official shoe of the United States team, led by team captain Walter Hagan. The U.S. team was victorious, 9.5-2.5, and the matches were coincidentally help not far from FJ headquarters at Worcester Country Club in Worcester, MA. Also of note, since shoe counts began on the PGA Tour in 1945, FJ has been the #1 shoe...every...single...year. That's 65 years as the #1 shoe of choice for the world's best players. Finally, in terms of wins, I can give you the stats for this year if that's of interest! So far, FJ players have won 11 of the first 17 events on the PGA Tour.

    Hope this helps!


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    Congrats to Jason a lot of solid golf


    Chris, wesome stuff!!! 1927, incredible..yes, FJ has dominated the world of golf and will continue to do so..so far, its been a great year that will continue!!  Maybe, FJ can use some of the history in your marketing campaigns much like Titleist does with the golf ball each tour event.

    thanks again for taking the time to provide more info!!!


    Foot Joy is really kickin some booty out there on the course. Way to go !!!