Wrap Up- President's Cup


    The USA wins the cup and gets on a mini run in team competition; 3 in a row. Next up, Ryder Cup 2010!

    Clearly having Fred as Captain worked out well. Should he be back for President's Cup 2011?

    How about Greg Norman, who got snookered a bit with his Sunday pairings? Should he be back in his home country?

    Michael Jordan as an Assistant Captain? Say what? But I heard that Freddie told a reporter, "I wanted to make sure Tiger showed up." Translation.... Tiger intimidates the heck out of his co-players, which doesn't work in a 4-ball or alternate shot competition. I'm sure MJ coached that and it showed with the results.

    Phil Mickelson... Team USA MVP? Your thoughts...


    Glad the US won, it was great to see the success of Freddie, I hope he does comeback for the next event.

    Don't think the Internationals will bring back a Captain that has lost, but with it coming to his home country, maybe there will be a sympathic gesture.

    I remember a past thread asking whether Mickelson should play in the Presidents Cup, after his performance I think he made the right decision.


    phil might deserve it and so does stricker. but if they did give an award, it would probably go to 5 - 0 tiger.


    If you don't go off of wins, I would say hands down Phil.  From all the talking I've heard, Phil was a real team player and tried to help out everyone during the week.  He even bagged the Callaway ball so his partner would feel more comfortable and used his.  I know he was helping O'Hair a lot this week and that's what this is all about. I say MVP's Phil no doubt.

    Good win by the USA, but RC 2010 is where we need to perform.  Wish I could get to Wales, any of the FJ boys have plans to run over there for the the matches in October 2010?


    Definately Phil gets the MVP, a great record and a total team player.

    I guess that it is good to be "a friend of Tiger". I still don't get the whole MJ thing. While he might be a good golfer and was certainly a great basketball player I don't think that he should have been a 'special advisor' to the team just because of his relationship with Tiger. If that is the case then every member of the team should have been able to have one designated inside the ropes 'advisor'. Let's keep Professional golf Professional. Sorry...another rant!

    Norman should get the Captaincy back in 2011. He would be a great draw in AUS. I think that tickets will be a tough sell. It is a very long trip to get to AUS. I have done it and it was about 26 hours from the east coast.



    MJ is a good friend of Freddy's also.  He said he asked MJ to help because he knew he could get the guys pumped up and competitive.  I hadn't heard anything about him just wanting Tiger to show up.  Something along the lines that MJ inspires a lot of the guys and especially the younger guys so he wanted someone who could be around or in places Freddy wasn't to keep the guys competitive and focused.

    I agree with 19, Australia would be a hard ticket to sell, especially to Americans.  I think it would work with him being captain again but I don't know if that will happen or not.  Australia is beautiful though, so someone may find this the perfect reason to shoot across the country for the tournament!


    as much as i dislike tiger i thought tiger was the mvp. i love phil but that has to go to TW