Young Guns


    I thought this year would be better for the young guns on the tour- Anthony Kim, Camilo Villegas, Kevin Na, Jason Day, etc. At the end of the year, everybody was talking about the old guys (relatively speaking) Stricker, Woods, Phil and Kenny Perry.

    Any ideas or opinions on why the youngsters were not more successful this year and what do you expect for 2010?


    I expect a lot from Rory McIlroy in 2010.  He's been playing GREAT golf the last couple weeks and he did fantastic at a couple majors this year.  I'm looking at him to have at least 3 wins and a top 10 in one of the majors.  He's a stud and I can see him doing big things next year, he's starting to come around.

    I think Jason Day is all hype.  I watched him in the Cox Classic before he went pro and granted he is good, he isn't a "wonder kid" by any stretch.  He's a nice kid though, was able to talk to him for a bit and he got me some nice souvenirs.


    Asking about which kids will make it is always interesting. Looking back over the years there is a "boneyard" of talent that just gets fried out there. I was thinking about this last night (before I saw your Q here) watching Tiger and Steve destroy Ogilvie and Ishikawa. It was amazing to watch Ishikawa knock his tee shot right down the middle on 1 to the same distance as Tiger. Then I watched the reply and Ryo really looks awesome from a poise and swing perspective, and when you think he's only 18 years old, you marvel at what he could do. But can he win on the big stage of the PGA? Time will tell.

    The kid I think will be fun to watch is Sean O'Hair. First, he's had a crazy personal life, so playing golf is probably easier than his demons. He now has guys like Tiger and Michale Jordan mentoring him, which can't be a bad thing. And he's just a really nice guy according to all accounts. In some ways he reminds me of a young Stricker; talented and streaky.

    Seeing who EM picked, I also was thinking of the day when Rory and Ryo match up head to head, maybe in the Masters. Think of that match!


    I agree with EM, I think Rory will do well and I think Anthony Kim realizes that he actually has to work hard at his game to find the success he achieved last year.  Most of the young guns from last year I think experienced the "sophomore" slump because they didn't put in the time/work to keep their game at its highest level.