Euro Ryder Cup Picks


    What did you think? Glad Gallager got picked. Can't wait to see what Mr. Watson has in store tonight.


    Don't think I would have picked Westy this time around. The rest of the team looks tough though.


    Expected these. Euro stalwarts


    The Euros look like a tough team.  Obviously we've seen that for a while, but now that Rory is coming back into form, they are looking even more unstoppable.  

    Euros have put together a good squad, now to see what Mr Watson has up his sleeve!

    Hope Tom's three picks tonight are strong match team players.....the Euros look mighty loaded and I do believe they are ready for some sporty competition.....

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    Tough road ahead.


    Whoever is selected, I hope that the Ryder Cup comes down to the last singles match.  That would be drama!

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    Bradley, Mahan, and Simpson are all quality captain picks.


    Ya Kaymer and Mcilroy will be tough to beat and Poulter's record is crazy.  I saw today like 12-3 in Ryder Cup according to ESPN's article.  Pretty impressive!!

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    I hope the young guns on both teams show up. Fowler had a great year despite not having a win. i'd like to see little Ricky play balls out for the Ryder Cup. You know the Euros are just pumped up though. That being said, Poulter has been injured a lot this year so I don't expect him to be dropping too many putts but I do expect him to be quite the cheerleader.