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    Been watching some of the Deutsche and the course looks awesome.

    Know some of you guys play there regularly so wanted to know when they start growing out the rough for this tournament or whether it is like that all the time?

    The course plays pretty much the same year round. The biggest difference is they water the greens a bit more the week leading up so they are more receptive Here is a view of the blimp from my back porch. I live just off the course, about the distance of the 7th hole. I'm just behind the 6th green


    Pretty handy at tournament time.....no parking worries......just the traffic getting in and out for four days........but it is only once a year.......a lot of folks around Augusta National rent their homes for the week of the Masters and just leave.......charge outrageous prices and come back a week later.....supply and demand

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    Attended the tournament Sunday and followed Rory and Kirk.  What a great round by both and happy to see Kirk win.  His wife was behind us most of the time, Kirk is a lucky guy!   But what a great course, hope to play it someday.  

    The one thing i noticed is the crowd.   The crowd wasn't as large as the last few years..  Think TW not being there had something to do with that?   Didn't bother me one bit, i actually enjoyed the small crowd...  


    It seems like a great course, been to the tournament a few times. My work has a membership at it but I have yet to get on it.