Tiger and Sean break up


    Tiger fired Sean Foley as his instructor...What do you think of this move? Will it help or hurt Tiger as he strives to find the magic and become a factor in the hunt for pro golf dominance?

    Personally, I think this is the right move for Tiger. He needs to look back upon the swings if the greatest golfers ever to find a model that works. Foley's static Lowe body twist and shout (in pain!)"swing just cannot hold up to the long term physical demands of Tour golf.

    Hire Jack Nicklaus or Tom Watson and swing freely again!!


    Maybe there is something to the rumor during PGA week that he was going back to Butch, after all.  

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    now way butch bridge has been burned there, I hear rory's coach will be his next one


    Need to go with what go you to see him get back with Buch.......

    Love it, in fact so much I just placed a wager on ole TW before leaving Vegas!
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    I think he made a mistake leaving Butch.  Time to kiss and make up.



    Maybe there is something to the rumor during PGA week that he was going back to Butch, after all.

    That would be a good move.

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    I don't think his pride would let him go back to a former coach, even though would probably best.  He will go to someone that is willing to put a lot of time towards his game improvement and can handle the pressures of being Tiger's coach.


    Finally!  I wouldn't be surprised to see Woo turn it around after this news

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    I think his move will injure any part of the body. Under Butch, he destroyed his left knee. The injuries began to spread as both Haney and Foley tried to help Tiger protect the knee. He has injured neck, back, Achilles, and others I'm sure. I don't know that the violence with which he attacks the golf ball is a recipe for longevity. His fitness regimen does not help.
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    It is hard to say, but the rumors that surround their break up it would be very hard to believe that Tiger would go back. I think that he played his best by far with Butch and that the two best swings on tour are Adam Scotts current swing and Tigers Swing with Butch. I hope he gets back to form would love to see him capture more majors.

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    It's about time!  IMO Foley ruined his swing, not sure what his philosophy was.   Would love to see him go back to Butch or Haney and i doubt he'll go back to Haney...    Either way he needs to get healthy and stop lifting heavy weights..  Do yoga or something to stretch your body out, better yet sign up for TPI!    

    Does this mean next year Tiger will have a mediocre year b/c he's going through another swing change?  


    Amazing to think of the number of coaches he has had...breaking up with Butch was his first wrong move.

    I vote for Moe Norman
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    Time to go back to Butch with his tail between his legs hahaha