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    Eippert.1A friend of mine played golf with Neil Armstrong before he passed away and Neil was notorious for declining autographs for that reason. So my friend was clever enough to ask Neil sign the score card at the end of the round.

    My step dad played golf with Bill Russell and did the same thing.

    Randy, that would be a pretty awesome memory!!!

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    I have a couple of autographs from famous athletes, and I asked them to make it personal and to me.  That way nobody would want it but me.  And I think they felt better that I asked for it that way.  When it says, "To Chris, blah blah blah, Famous person," they know you want to keep it.  I once met a young and upcoming baseball player, who happened to be on the 2001 Arizona Diamondbacks Word Series team.  very nice guy, and he got me a signed team baseball for my son.  Even made a personal note to my son to make it that much more special.  That ball will never go up for auction, it is saved away only to be viewed.  


    I have a friend in the autograph business. Started as an outlet for his talent as a photographer and interest and love of all things sports. He never fit into the 9 to 5 mold  of life and so when someone exclaimed how cool it would be to have a signed photo of their favorite golfer, Jack Nicklaus, my friend saw the possibilities and started shooting photos of pro golfers and pro tennis players, going to venues and getting folks to sign his handiwork. He once went out at Pebble Beach during a practice round for the Crosby tourney in the rain and found Jack Nicklaus out playing and working basically by himself. No spectators out there 0 it was raining! In any case, Jack noticed my pal, his gallery of one and asked him why he was out in this lousy weather - My friend told him that he would really appreciate it if Jack wouldn't mind signing a few photos that my pal had taken. Jack said sure and on the next tee my pal showed him about a dozen different photos he had taken. Jack not only signed them all, but asked my pal if he could keep a couple to show to his wife who was then his PR support team. Jack loved the shots and wanted to use them in some sort of marketing campaign. Barbara didn't like them as much and that idea was scotched. But to this day, my pal can usually get Jack to sign something when their paths cross. This all took place in the late 1970s, a different era when there was less attention paid to memorabilia generally and distribution via the internet and eBay did not exist. My pal peddled his signed golf photos to country clubs, selling them to pros in the pro shop! And then eBay came along and folks like Arnie refuse to sign most items for anyone who isn't a small kid since Arnie knows most of it is destined for commercial sale..

    And standard operating procedure for autograph pros is to pay some little kid on a "per autograph" basis to grab volume of signatures...And Arnie knows that trick as well...! As CTiger wrote, most of these signatures on photos are personalized by the greats to thwart resale...


    I have a ton of balls that the pro's have played and even signed, but I would never put them up on E-bay.  I have passed them to my kids and they have them in their rooms.  I wish people wouldn't pay for these, its just ridiculous...


    $52,038 is the final price of Rory's winning British Open ball sold for. I have to admire who ever sold it . Economics at it's best.

    They paid for a down payment on a house or a child's college education or just a couple of trips around the world to play some Golf :)