Tim Clark Wins RBC Canadian Open


    When he started 3 back, Clark didn't seem to be the choice going against Furyk. But steady play and making birdies when Furyk made pars proved to be the winning combination to elevate Clark to the championship. His final putt on 18 left him at 17 under and he earned that  win with a number of one and two putts.

    CONGRATULATIONS Tim on a great win.


    I am quite surprised that he ran Furyk down. It's gotta be the shoes.

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    Great win for Clark although Furyk played pretty good.


    When I watched in the early part of the tournament he looked like he was struggling with some short game demons.  I have definitely been there!!!  Good to see he battled back for the W...

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    Love to watch Tim Clark, what a fantastic ball-striker!  If you ever get the chance, you must follow Tim Clark for a few holes! Congrats to him, a much deserved victory!