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    I'm on the Phil bandwagon.  I'm hoping no one runs away with it (Kaymer is looking good but it's only Friday).  The scores even without the usual "diabolical" rough have been perfect.  I love the changes to Pinehurst #2.

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    Wow, Kaymer is on fire!!!    Going to be tough to catch if he keeps this up...


    Kaymer is rolling the rock better than most. Now that he has given up the idea of that hitting the ball right to left is better than his natural swing, he's striking the ball beautifully. And that combined with putting may lead him into the rare territory of champion of two majors...

    But I'm a sentimental guy and really rooting for Phil to have a great day today and be in contention over the weekend..Four of a kid beats a pair, even in major golf championships!


    The big German is going to be tough to catch.....I do like the bad he is not on our team.......maybe Na will start dropping some birdies.......and if they toughen the course for the weekend, it play to Kaymer's favor......I love the layout of the course....a shotmaker's course.......


    Phenomenal performance by Kaymer.

    Have only watched parts of the tournament so far but hardly looks like he missed a shot.

    Greens were about the most brutal I can remember with all the slopes and run offs ... would love to play there one day but can't really see that it would be much fun.

    Will be fascinating to see how the Gals go this week !!!


    I've seen quite a few folks complaining about the "ease" of the course and how the missing rough made it "too easy".  However, look at the scores.  You have one guy play out of his mind for a few days and then just not do anything to lose it.  While the rest of the field shoots right around par or far worse.  I think that's perfect for a US Open.