Jordan Spieth - The Right Stuff?


    Jordan certainly looks, acts, and is mature beyond his tender years. The precedent is there in Masters history for young players to win albeit the sample size is very small and last to accomplish the feat of being crowned champion at age 20 (I think) was el Tigre..

    if he puts the early heat on Bubba, he may impress us all as the legit "next great phenom" least and until the US Open comes around in June...

    Regardless, this will be an entertaining final round and truly a showcase for the next generation...

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    I felt he handled himself well and I am certain he gained more supporters this week.


    I agree...he did a great job of playing, composing and showing the world his talents...I hope we see more of him on Sunday's going forward...


    His post-round interview was great.  "Disappointed..had a lot of fun out there...can't wait to get back out there."  What a great attitude.  It wouldn't surprise me at all if he gets back on the horse and wins the US Open this year.


    He definitely has the talent and maturity.  It feels like he's far more grounded than many of the "young guns" out there.  It should serve him well.  It's only a matter of time before he wins a major.  And it definitely may be sooner rather than later!

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    You could definitely see him getting frustrated there at the end though.  Even on pretty decent shots he was getting aggravated knowing he wasn't going to catch Bubba.   But all together he did an amazing job, other than the ugly shoes!!   I would not be surprised to see his name on a major trophy this year.  


    Right now he has too emotional of a short game for Augusta.  Obviously he has the rest of the game, but he needs to keep his emotions in check around the green and he'll be set.


    His emotion was showing a bit more than players with more experience but what a wonderful showing by Jordan.  He handled himself so well and played great.  To see the 4 shot flip from Jordan to Bubba in two holes was hard to watch but he kept on rolling to a T2 finish.  One of the Local Dallas TV stations was discussing this on the news and had footage of him back when he was 14 years old and was playing in the Byron Nelson.  When they asked him what his goals were, the only goal he said was "to win the Masters."  He came pretty darn close this year and I won't be surprised that he will do it sometime in the future.

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    Watch out Pinehurst... I like Spieth

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    Loved watching him compete for it yesterday. I think he has a bright future ahead of him.


    Watching the final round this year I kept smiling. Why? Because the game of golf is at one of those cross roads that happened when Jack and Arnie began to move into their later years. Both TW and Phil are now closer to the end of their careers than the beginning. Stricker is only playing part time and Ernie is aging. The "next generation" is stepping up.

    If one takes the ageless and irrepressible Fred Couple and Migel Angel Jimenez out of the mix, the leaderboard was full of players that we will see for years to come. Adam, Jordan, Rickie, Jonas, Oliver, Bubba, and Matt will be the next 10 years of majors. Throw in guys like Rory, Graeme, Duffner, and Rose and you have quite a promising look at the future.

    I for one am pretty happy about all of that.


    He was mature beyond his years and handled himself very well...I can't wait to see how he responds in June...


    In spite of what Damon the Hack said on Morning Drive, Jordan did just fine and will learn from this experience. He might do well at Pinehurst, Royal Liverpool or Valhalla. Now, if only he wore Footjoy.