PGA Stock


    It would definitely be a sell.  If it lost the designation it would have to pay all the volunteers and how would the sponsors react if money was not being donated to charity.  Besides a non-profit is an IRS designation.  They better be making a profit, they would not be able to keep the doors open very long.  

    KC,  you may want to verify your information rather making a proclamation that is totally BS


    My apologies for both being wrong in the first place and if sounded like I was being belittling to another board member in the second.  I assure you that was not my intent in either case.  

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    The  issue with the stock would be not how much $$ they make today or have in the bank but what are the growth prospects every year.


    I would buy a few shares. It's a great concept that I could actually make a little money in the golf industry rather than spending it all. I wouldn't expect to make a ton of money, but I like the idea of a little ownership.

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    I would buy stock in Jordan Spieth and hold it for the next dozen years or so .  : )