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Good golf at the HSBC

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    A few big names have got them selves in the mix in China. Rory seems to be getting his game back to a level you would expect from him. DJ is making a bunch of birdies equaling the course record. And young Mr Speith is hanging around the top 10 in his first trip to China, his game appears to travel very nicely.

    It would be fun to see DJ and Bubba in a final round pairing.


    Have been trying to stay up with the live matches but my eyes just get heavy and I'm off to sleep and am trying to play catch up the next day and reading the paper after know the results......want to see the FJ/Titleist guys on top but I too would like to see DJ (a SC product) do well.....Speith could make a move this weekend....could be an interesting outcome.....like to see good close golf......some of these holes are interesting......


    Some really low scores and great golf by DJ in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.


    These guys are good. The course certainly does not look as easy as they are making it seem as they absolutely shooting the lights out.


    Watched the final round this afternoon after my tournament.  DJ was definitely striking the ball very well and deserved to win the tournament.  Of course he IP and GMac put on a great display of putting on hole 18.  GMac lost a lot of money with that missed putt.  I guess it's only money.  Glad to see the lad from Coastal Carolina win......way to go DJ......


    Very good win by Johnson, really turned the afterburners on during the final 9 holes.

    Was seriously under the pump all day and the two Europeans played incredibly early but had no answer after his chip in Eagle.

    Watch nearly the whole telecast and just about everyone miss read 18 from above & right of the hole so must have been a bit of a ridge there or something. They made enough putts throughout the day and even they can't make 'em all (only seems like it sometimes).

    Good to see some improvement from Rory and looks like McDowell is now right on track for the Race to Dubai so plenty of cash still headed his way in 2013.

    Have heard quite a few of the pros say that if they only concentrated on how much every missed putt cost them they would all end up locked away in a straighjacket.