Scott wins PGA Grand Slam of Golf


    Another great win for Adam and he really finishes 2013 with a bang. And on another note, it was nice to see Dufner in 3rd place and Paddy in 4th. Great showings for the FootJoy and Titleist brands.  

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    Congrats to Adam!


    I watched that event and the eagle he had on number 17 was awesome.....two inches from going in......looked like Rose had this locked up for a while and had a couple of wayward shots coming home and Adam just played a solid round and set a course record 64......solid FJ/Titleist showing......


    Nice 2 day payoff. $600,000.  I am sure he and steve need the cash.  Great show for FJ.

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    Agree fully.  Adam is a great representative for the Titleist and FootJoy brands and is just a good all around human being.

    Did notice he was wasn't wearing his usual FootJoy Sport shoes but one that appeared to be a new version.  Anyone got an idea of the new style?

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    No kidding...that was one beautiful shot on 17 with his beloved 6 iron. So well deserved, congrats Adam!


    Nice little Xmas present for Scott, the weather was a bit wild there for a few holes but the course looked pretty great, espically that par 3 on the cliff .... and how blue was the water ... amazing !!!

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    Dramatic finish  and a fantastic shot by Adam. It's obvious that Adam is full of confidence right now and I would not be at all surprised to see him bag another major in 2014.

    He is a class act on and off the course.

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    The way he has played in all 4 majors the past 3 years, I wouldn't be surprised if he bagged at least 2 in 2014.

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    Adam Scott plays to win, it doesn't matter if its the Masters, or a rinky dink Scramble. They guy is a competitor he isn't like some and plays for just a pay check. I believe Adam Scott plays for the trophy everytime he steps on the course. I respect this guy. I hope he continues to do well and, he rocks Footjoy like a Boss


    Great to see the new prototype shoe get it's first win!  (other than members at the President's Cup)

    Hope Adam switches to a counter balanced putter though next season so he gets the feel of the long putter but legal.  I'd hate for people to put an asterisk next to his majors someday.  He's a fantastic ball striker and the game is much more than putting!

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    The long putter will still be legal in 2016.  It's the anchoring that will be illegal.  But i agree with your sentiment...Scott is a great ball striker and has a beautiful game.