Davis Love Adopts Mascot for Team USA


    It appears that a baby gray squirrel was setting on Davis' lap while he was texting and the cameras caught him.  They questioned his wife and she said that it fell from its nest during the rain storm and he picked it up and fed it and it stayed with him....guess he is his new mom and we have a new mascot.....there is probably more to the story.....cute little

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    Brave guys holding/playing with that squirrel.  I'd have been concerned about being bitten and contracting something.  Was cute tho :)


    Rabies shots are extremely painful I hear!


    Baby squirrels are cool little dudes and are pretty was probably scared and DLIII was the closest thing to a mom it could find....have them running around in my yard all the my doxie something to do.....she is a great squirrel dog and keeps her in shape.....if it were a baby racoon, now I would definitely be concerned.....they carry rabbies....