Start ejecting spectators

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    Ian pouter had it right.......taser the blokes!!

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    These yahoos are out of control in just about every sport...the golf arena should've taken steps a few years ago before its gotten this bad. They've robbed the game of it's class, respect and decency of the sport. At least the NBA does a pretty good job on those hecklers...Agree with you all, Taser/escort them off the course/arrest & hold for 24 - 48 hrs in a jail cell/banned for a minimum of a year and fined them extensively/etc. etc.


    Let almost unmentioned in this thread is the role alcohol plays in fueling loosened inhibitions and tongues. I cannot help but wonder how many of the offenders that are ejected from golf and other sporting events have been drinking to the point of impaired judgement. I don't think many sober folks are getting tossed from these venues..instead of beer, how about slaking that thirst you've worked up watching pro golfers with, gee, a cola or a water?? I am not a temperance union card carrier, but if you cannot selectively decide who will enter the grounds of the tourney, why not reduce the odds of the idiot behavior by taking away the fuel for idiotic behavior?

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    You will not get an argument from me about ejecting these people however, I think jail time or taseing them may be a little extreme (just for yelling) after all it is a sporting event. It's a different story if they are distracting the players (yelling during the swing etc...), that brings in a whole new element. We like to think of ourselves as dignified as golfers because of the history yet we want to grow the game and like it or not these "morons" are a huge part of growing the game. They also pay ticket prices and spend their money on food and too much beer which is how the tour donates so much money to charity. There is a fine line.  

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    I would have to agree with all of the posts, but that same guy yelling at the tournament is probably the same guy yelling and acting like a idiot at his local course and there is no room for that in golf.


    Ian pouter had it right.......taser the blokes!!



    I'm in agreement with everyone kick them out, put them in jail, taser them, do away with the beer.....oops....that is not going to happen with alcohol......distributors are sponsors...........sponsorship money pays for the tournment.....beverages are big money and I honestly do not see that going away....we have lost a few tournaments in our area due lack of sponsorship money and that has not gone over well in the community......corporate sponsor tents sell for big bucks and they give away the hard stuff and the folks get real rowdy at the money no tournaments...I can see both sides....having worked at tournaments for over twenty grillionjj said "the same guy yelling and acting like an idiot at his local course and there is no room for that in golf"....I agree with him....but that guy will show up with a quart bottle in his bag or load with beers before he tees off and come to drink and hope to play a little is an outlet for some who just want to have a little fun and unwind and then there are those of us who come to actually play and enjoy the game......unfortunately, the articles I am ready show the numbers of people playing golf are declining everyday because of the time involved and the costs involved in playing........back to the problem of hecklers/hooligans , there is security at the tournaments and some are not in uniform......they should escort the hooligans out and void their : )