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Furyk's 59!


    That was quite a round by Jim Furyk at the BMW today.  And it included a bogey on one of the easier holes!  What a feeling that must have been.  He called it the best round of golf he has ever played.  Talk about understatement.


    And what a great approach shot on 9 (his 18th) and putt. I thought he had lost his shot after he hit his second into that deep bunker on 8 (his 17th).  He looked very calm all the way through.


    All I can say is WOW......I played Colonial Country Club in Cordova, TN where the first 59 was shot......did not help my game.....Furyk was outstanding....actually thought he was going lower and was pulling for him.....I'm sure many were....he actually smiled, after he hit that gap wedge.......good for him......cz  : )  

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    Do you think his ball was legit? I kid.... I kid

    That was a great round... still feel that Freddy Couples made the right call in taking Speith and Webb


    Scoring average for the days was 71.

    59 was unbelievable in those conditions and after about 12-13 stage it looked like being mid 50s.

    Apparently the first 59 to include a bogey.