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FedEx Cup....Do you love it or hate it??


    At first I didn't like it, and there are still some things I don't like.  But it has added some drama and must watch tourneys to the end of the year.  So what's your view?  Love it or hate it?


    I love it. Brings the season to a culmination with the best players of the season competing.


    Love it... The more golf, the merrier!


    I like it. The course selection puts some wonderful tracks into play and the Tour gets what it wants: viewership and fan interest after the PGA and August swoon


    I love it....for many different reasons.

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    I started a thread about this as well.....I love the Fed Ex cup. Is it a money grab , yes but because of it we have great,exciting golf thru September.

    The point system is a little confusing but we have seen all types of players win the 10 million.


    Think it has been a good addition to the Tour overall.  Provides good closure to the season, in  afar better way than many former season-ending events did.  Granted, it took some time for the Tour to work out kinks in how to handle it:  changes in scoring, changes in format, etc..  I believe it does present a terrific challenge to all the professionals:  produce over four weeks (not one).  Looking forward to the tournaments all the way to East Lake.


    Anytime there is golf on TV, I think it's always good and I watch it when I can.  But I don't necessarily follow the FedEx points closely. . . I'm sure it is exciting.


    LOVE IT !

    ... but my exception is that only the top 5 can win once they get to the Tour Championship ... so why is there a field of 30?

    ... so I think the points system has to be refined further.

    Apart from that think it's a great addition to the schedule.


    Hated it the year Spiderman lost to VJ. The formula they were using was just flat wrong that year. Since Furyk in the rain, Haas from the water it has been much better and more exciting.


    A good conclusion to the end of the year.   Or, the beginning of the silly season.

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    Love it...it brings meaning to golf beyond the PGA!

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    It is a great addition to the end of the season.  Most of the top players come out and have that chance to win the big money, and they all bring the A game with them.  Will be interesting to see who makes a run and who falls out this year.  

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    It's great.  NHL,NBA,MLB, all have playoffs to cap the  season  now golf does also. The FedEx brings some excitement to the end of a long season.

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    I love it.  You get the very best every week as guys are trying to move on.  By the end you have the best of the best.