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No More Duffering


    Tar HeelLOVED this!

    And of course the new Duffner family slogan; "hey honey, wanna see my Wannamaker?"

    And this is why I love the FJC :)

    As I mentioned in the other thread I'm trying to get my wife to realize when I do it in public it's not so bad - Dufner just did it in front of millions to his wife.  I only do it in front of like 3-4 people at a time to my wife!

    It helps if you just won a Million +$ otherwise you are treading on thin ice

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    It was pretty innocent.  ...but I love that he did it.


    Ryan Atkins
    It was pretty innocent.  ...but I love that he did it.



    Hey someones gonna do it... He seriously out kicked his coverage.

     Sometimes nice guys finish first!  


    When she sees the replay........


    I think I saw a hint of a smile...

    From whom ... him or her?  Dufner is seriously punching above his weight with the Mrs.


    I have to agree here -  can't believe that Tar Heel didn't get HOLLEYIZED


    Dufner was on Mike and Mike this morning and they asked him if he was going to get in trouble with the wife for doing that on TV, but he said she thinks it's funny and had no issues with it.  seems like they are both down to earth nice people.  happy for them.

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    When your looks that good , that is a move that should  repeated as often as possible.


    Can't believe how "dufnering" is spreading. It came up tonight during dinner with my kids --

    Q."why are those people sitting on ground in a line?"

    A. They are dufnering

    Kids: Oh....what is duftering?