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    Sorry, think I've pinched somebody's phrase there but this guy (despite not beeing and FJ guy) is just unbelivable.

    What a week in Scotland.

    Played great all tournament, and really great on Sunday until the 18 and then three putts from nowhere to fall back into a playoff and then stiffs his approach on the first extra hole.



    Good old Phil has to make it interesting!  Glad to see he pulled it out.  Hopefully his game since in shape for the Open Championship this week!


    I thought he had lost it when he 3 putted 18. Nice to see him win.

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    Did anyone catch the video of him hitting the ball of the mound backwards during a practice round yesterday?  I can't hit a wedge that close straight on!  I was glad to see Phil win across the pond though.


    Wow, that wedge shot in a playoff, he might just be ready for an open championship ?


    Phil being Phil.  That's why he's such a fan favorite.  I love the guy... just wish he wore better shoes.

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    Phil is exciting to watch...no doubt about it. I have to agree with Randy, that wedge shot in the playoff was amazing!


    Overall his choice of gear is a bit blah. But what soft hands...have you all seen the 60-wedge he hit is his practice round yesterday at Muirfield? Hit it straight up and back over his head. Was amazing...his playing partner tried the same shot with no luck.


    Congrats to Phil, my San Diego native neighbor! Well played!


    An outstanding final round for any major tournament, but what an accomplishment at Muirfield.  Well deserved win.


    it was fantastic, my fav golfer

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    It is tough to remember any tourney where the winner got such appreciation from the gallery. Another example of how golf fans appreciate great plays and players regardless of who their own personal favorites are.

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    Never thought that much of Phil till the last couple years. He is one of my favorites now. He is humble, easy going friendly, caring and he is in charge of himself unlike some. He is what every golf  pro should strive to be like him.


    He played really well and I can't believe he beat Westy this way again.Congrats Phil.  Am not your biggest fan, but a job well done.

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    Always good for golf when Phil wins.