#1 SHOE IN GOLF           #1 GLOVE IN GOLF



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    Rory won "Best Abstract Art" for his club bending performance installation, while wearing a nice color green shirt with non-matching yellow highlighted footwear.

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    I must admit, I liked Billy Horschel octopus pants yesterday!

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    I think team Titleist looked great all weekend. I especially liked what Duffner had on yesterday(?) You know the Blue!

    I think Hunter gets the "lost a bet award" for what he wore Saturday. (Gray slacks, Oklahoma State Orange shirt, Tar Heel blue hat and belt, capped off with gray shoes with Lime green accents)

    What happened there? He either lost a bet or lost his luggage.

    Horshels pants yesterday were hidious


    I think that Poulter was probably the best dressed, if only he would go back to wearing a nice pair of shoes! G Mac is always very well dressed too.


    If you only looked at Poulter from the feet up he wins. His clown shoes are just silly.... So much better in FJ.

    McDowell is always classically elegant. I like his looks. And I think Luke Donald looks wonderful in his RLX by Ralph Lauren. He is stylish and well pulled together.

    Finally, I really like, and have always liked, the chalk stripes that Phil wears. The grey and black versions of his trousers with that chalk stripe are very fashion forward. And no one else wears anything like it, which I'm a big fan of.

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    Billy Ho gets the vote from me.  Very well tailored in his RLX.  And kudos to him for going outside the box on the octo pants.  They are bound to bring mixed feelings and I like that he didn't just play it safe.