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Haas, Hoffman, Simpson, and Streelman - What a FJ Leaderboard!


    Wind id supposed to *** today - Who will handle the breeze on this very demanding course? Charlie Hoffman was putting as well as anyone yesterday - NOT his forte. Will he reclaim his ball striking prowess AND combine it with his Svenghali -like putting stroke? Will Simpson, so far not very impressive this year, come through with a ball striking fest similar to hos last round in the US Open in San Francisco? Or does Streelman prevail for win #2? And Bill Haas, native of South Carolina, have any local knowledge advantage having played in these conditions in this state?

    I like Webb!


    Would have been great to see any of those guys win. Webb snuck in the playoff and  pulled his approach though. he made a great putt but it gusted and instead of being 2 or 3 feet from the hole he ends up 6 or 7 feet and missed the par putt to keep the playoff going. tough break


    Nothing better than a FJ Leaderboard like that !