Adam Scott.... Masters Champion


    A very exciting finish.  Cabrera looked tough, but Scott's putting was worthy of a Green Jacket.



    A long wand winner! Adam Scott is deserving  - Great to see the finish wasn't a collapse of one player, but a truly hard-fought battle and great victory. Good to see his true grit and character shine through. Cabrera is a very classy gentleman and emblematic of all that is good in golf!


    Great drama!  Watching el pato vs. Scott was awesome!  Of course I was cheering for Scott since he is also Titleist and i wanted him to shake the Open monkey off...  

    Great to see Adam overcome some lackluster putting to hole some big putts!

    I bet golfchick is thrilled her beau broke through too!  Haha


    That was won of the best playoffs and finishes I've ever seen. Adam drains that ridiculous putt after lipping out all day, THEN Angel stuffs it in there like that, unreal. The best part was Adam won it, Angel didn't give it to him. Nobody collapsed. What a great Masters.


    One* Siri has poor grammar.

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    Adam Scott is such a solid player tee to green w/ a great swing. Really nice to see him get some putts to fall

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    Have been waiting for this since The Players '04.  Congrats Adam!