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Crocman- Leishman, Scott or Day ? Which Aussie are you rooting for ?


    Did you stay up tonight and watch it live ?


    Did you stay up tonight and watch it live ?

    Sorry Randy big weekend viewing and playing so apologies for delay in responding.

    Coverage started at 4:00 am each day (free to air) and then replayed directly after on pay tv so had about 8 hours a day.

    Was really pumped Day 3 but bad finish by Day was disappointing. Always been a Scott fan but honestly didn't think he putted well enough to win at Augusta. Leishman is a Melbourne boy so was hoping he'd finish strongly too.

    Obviously was hoping one of them would break our Masters drought with best case scenario 1 2 3 finish (nice to dream).

    So we're a day ahead of US, so left for work this morning (Monday) with Cabrera/Snedeker on 9 and looking a little clear of the rest and pretty sure it was going to be one of them ... but as they say the tournament doesn't start until the last nine on Sunday. Listened to Day's charge in the car and looked like he was there. Incommunicardo on the train and shattered to fjnd out about Day when I got to work and shocked to see Scott in the lead. Them watched Cabrera hit  close on 18, birdie ... And the rest was pulsating.

    So ... Incredible weekend ... Played ok myself too.