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Well masters is close.. Who do you like?


    Don't overlook Oostie.  He came awfully close last year and is playing pretty well right now, as well.  I will definitely put him up top for one of the days if Devin runs his Master's sweeps again.  TW is the consensus pick, so he cannot be overlooked, nor can Phil.  Each has proved capable at Augusta, but each has had disappointing years there.  Rory may be looking to avenge his collapse, but I don't think his game is back, yet.  Will be fun to watch, though.


    I will have to follow the crowds and go with Tiger.  I think his motivation will drive him to the green Jacket come Sunday.  Several motivating factors -- remain #1 and add to his ranking as #1, show all his doubters wrong, further close the gap on Jack's Majors record, regain that "domination/intimidation" feeling over/from other players.  If Tiger does not I hope that fellow Wisconsinite , Steve Stricker gets his first major however not sure Augusta is the course for Steve.  Regardless of who wins it should be interesting and an enjoyable Masters as usual.  

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    It's hard to bet against TW with the way he's playing...


    i pick bubba for a repeat


    It would be hard to bet against Tiger or Phil, I would give my nod to Luis Oosthusien. He always seems to be in form.

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    Lost, striker,Scott are all great picks also IMO..

    If TW putting stays with him easy top 5 for him.. I just don't know if his long game is in the condition it needs to be in order to score on Augusta right now...his slight faults with it in the last couple tourneys will be magnified at Augusta... But I've been wrong before.. Hahaha

    Would be neat to see some new comers on top of leader board also... Lots of great talent in the field