#1 SHOE IN GOLF           #1 GLOVE IN GOLF


Kevin Streelman first win in over 150 starts ! great Job :)


    He looked so happy and played well down the stretch. I know he has been on the worst dressed lists before but his glove and shoes were beautiful :)

    And We get a Glove and Shoe contest :)

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    I can't lie I really wanted to see boo or leonard walk away with the trophy.. But still happy streelman got his first win.. That is a HUGE accomplishment for him.. I just hope he isn't a "one win, never hear from him again" guy

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    A guy you hear about during every season but just never got that elusive W.  Glad he finally got it.


    Had an awsome weekend and 132 will usually put you in the hunt, especially at the Snakepit.

    Handled it very well, played like a veteran and also looked very stylish too I might add.

    Loved the white/pinstripe pants on Sunday and just quietly also loved the pink pants (Saturday - I think?) all topped of with the best shoe/glove on the market - FJ.