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    Hey - Look who is almost on top of the pack in Florida - Geoff Ogilvy and Lee Westwood! Will they challenge further this week? When was the last time Mr. Ogilvy won a tournament? Is Lee Westwood playing full time this year on the PGA Tour?

    While Tiger fanboy Brandel Chamblee seems to think the tournament belongs to Tiger, even par yesterday put him just a few strokes off of the lead..okay, a lot off of the lead.. Don't count him out, but so far TeamFJ/Titleist has the lead ponies scampering along quite nicely!! Go Michael Thompson!


    Very bunched at the top of the leader board.  Hard to figure out what the Sat/Sun rounds will bring.  Just look at Villegas--64 on Thursday followed by a 77 on Friday to miss the cut.  Anyone could fall back.  Watching for a good showing, though, by some web.com tour grads.


    Today will truly separate the Players from the pretenders.

    OG(ilvy) has not been in contention since 2008 and Westy is playing at Home and 4th time in a row on the PGA (full-time for 2013).

    Go Team Titleist/FJ

    -ICONs for All


    Michael Thompson should be making this board proud. He is not playing like he has never won. great weekend for Footjoy! Thompson, Gutherie, Ogilvy and Westwood all right there.


    Thompson played great down the stretch with some real quality shots under pressure today.

    Best result for Ogilvy for a while and good to see him back in top 50 and into WGC next week.

    And fantastic for FJ with top three this week.


    Outstanding play by Thompson. He never seemed to get the jitters and played within himself by not taking chances. Congrats to him on his first win.


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    Well....That was an exceptional weekend wouldn't you say?  The tournament was brutal, and FJ/TT came out looking pretty good.


    Yep - I'm curious though, was the "fan" that decided it would be really cool to shout as Thompson putted out dragged off the grounds? That kind of behavior has no place in golf. True, the 16th at Phoenix (Waste Management Mega-Corporate Open) gets loud, but they behave during the stroke.