Dufner wearing Sligo?

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    Duffner dropped kicked his Cameron Tour putter yesterday about 8 yards...may have done some damage to shaft.

    I think he'd play better if he got more fit, lost 20 lbs.


    Surprised he did that.  I caught it live and was like man that's not mister calm and no emotion!  He must be missing that FJ apparel.

    Look good! play good!


    I bet I could find 100+ players that would take Dufner's game just the way it is! I do not think he has a fitness problem.


    Duff is one of the best in the world. I'm not going to speculate on his fitness. He makes it around the course just fine and has a lot more game than I do.


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    It's all about cash for these guys.  It's business, not a hobby.



    Yeah, but my goodness. . . if you're in one of those shirt. . . it won't get to the 3rd hole before everyone ask if you kept your receipt.

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    He is a really good Ohio guy, but like everyone else it comes down to money.  I don't care for the line and he may not either but if their is endorsement money.  Few companies including FJ and Titleist pay the endorsement money like they used to and for many don't get any.  I think you see so many guys look for any extra sources of income.  Let's face it when you look at what can cost a guy a couple of strokes the guys feet it is usually in FJ and that shows so much more that the logo on a shirt.


    I would be all about making money off endorsement deals for clothing, but I might negotiate a little better if I were Dufner.  Maybe his agent should have made sure he didn't have to wear the Fugly collection.  Just knowing that I had that shirt on would make me play at least 3 strokes worse.