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Tour advantages: Golf clubs


    I agree with smashdn that you can probably get refurb companies to help you as well.  The easiest way to get true "tour" items is find them in the secondary market such as at cameron collector.  Lots of tour woods and putters on the classified sections, but they are primarily Titleist, Scotty Cameron and Vokey products....  Just a thought...


    Have heard a soak in cola or vinegar will strip the finish if you still have to have raw.  There are also many club customizing and refurb companies that can probably take care of your request if you can find that loft and lie stock in another finish.

    Smash, I have tried the coke thing and yes it will take the finish off.  You then have a club that will rust up every day.  Although a couple of swings in the practice bunker will take the rust off. I like the Black Nickel, it has great feel and wears well.  No more coke for me.

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    don't be in a hurry as a junior to try and find something a pro is playing...you're not there yet and may never be.

    find the right wedges that fit your game right now....in a year from now, you may want something else as you grow and your

    game changes. There's a reason amateurs can't get what the pros play--they won't work unless you've got the skill to use them and unless they've been fitted to your game.