Waste Managment 16TH hole

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    I have heard where some are saying that they would like to see more tournaments have a hole with the craziness of the 16th at the TPC in Scottsdale.

    I say please no !! The fact that is unique is what makes so cool.

    What do people think?


    It only fit's in Phoenix on that weekend of the year. If other places tried it, it would fail.

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    Well....I think we saw what happened on the first tee at the Ryder Cup!  Of course I wouldn't expect to see that in Europe.  However, after being there and experiencing what it brought (besdies the failure) it was awesome.

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    It would burn out and get old quick.  It wouldn't be special anymore.


    It is a very cool thing they have at Phoenix, that being said, I would not like to see it at other places nor do I think the players would either


    i like it like that


    I applaud the Thunderbirds in Phoenix for taking a local situation and turning it into a phenomenon.  But I have to agree that I would not like to see a similar occurrence elsewhere.  Cheering among the spectators at a golf tournament is and should be encouraged following a good shot, along with applause for those approaching a green, but the rowdiness should not be welcomed.  There's just too much of that in other sports.  Golf does not need it.


    Bit of a slippery slope here. On one hand, most of use could agree that the 16th is a fun part of that tournament, on the other hand if we start adding environments like that in other tournaments it may condone such behavior in all environments of the course. There are enough problems with people yelling things (some are not very friendly) right after a player swings and even before they swing. There sould be a sense of maturity at a tournament for players and fans; both of which have fallen off. I like the 16th as it's own cell in the golf world, but let's keep it that way.

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    If the concept were to spread to other tournaments then the next step would be for some tourney to allow it on multiple holes and the circus would be on. Phoenix is unique and should remain so.


    I have been attending the Phoenix Open for almost 30 years now and have seen the tournament evolve into what I think is one of the most fun venue's in golf.  Having said that, I hope the unique character of this hole stays the would not be as fun to see multiple tournaments with similar holes however it is an experience that you have to participate in to "feel" the excitement!


    I think it needs to stay as a one off hole. The fans and players all know what to expect and it is a great venue to show non-golf fans that the sport is fun. Adding a similar hole to other tournaments would look like golf is trying too hard.

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    I am all for anything that increases attendance and awareness to the great game of golf.  I know it's not the most classy thing in the world, but if more people come out to the events and watch on TV; I think it is only good for the sport.  I hope that tournament venues think more outside the box to open the experience to more people. I'm sure there are more creative ways to include everyone, especially kids and women!!!


    i would like to see other courses have the "stadium" effect, but try to limit the rowdiness.  i think it would be nice to be able to go to a tourney and get a "seat" to watch a hole.  i would think it would be cool to play a hole with in a "stadium."  i don't know.  i think it would be hard to recreate.