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PGA Tour Pros and Range Balls


    It doesn't suck!

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    Working several tournaments here in the Greater Columbus, Ohio area, at The Memorial Tournament, the players are given range balls to hit from their rep and mirror what they play on the course.  At the Nationwide Childrens Invitational on the web.com tour they all hit Bridgestone E6 since Bridgestone sponsors the range.  

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    I was at Tucson for the Match Play practice rounds and watched alot of range and short game work. There was definitely alot of sorting of the specific balls for each indiidual golfer. It's a good thing for the volunteers that Titleist makes such a great ball. Seems it would be easy to sort when the percentage of golfers play Titleist. As they should of course!!!

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    Perks of the job!


    It used to be they used what the course brought in. These days, at the Nelson and Colonial, they get to hit what they prefer. That seesm to be the standard on tour now. I wonder if the same thing goes for the web.com tour?