Phil lips out for 59!


    i wish i had picked phil for my fantasy lineup.

    Me too.  I initially had him in on my roster for the week but dropped him as he hadn't been playing all that great.  Well, that one backfired on me!

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    if you consider the lip-out for 59, and then the double at 18 on day two, you might conclude this guy can't quite seal the deal when it comes to setting records.


    60 - 65 - 64, isn't too shabby. One more round. GO PHIL.


    A choke is a choke, but there is no way that final putt had anything to do with that.

    He was absolutey ROBBED of the 59 ... but I'm sure when you shoot 11 under you've probably had your fair share of luck throughout the day no matter how welll you play ... so just the beauty/mystery that is golf.


    Good to see PH wrap up the tournament in fine style after Thursday.

    Great Tournament !!! They simply ate it up this week.