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Phil lips out for 59!


    Wow! How does that putt not go in!

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    An incredible -11!  


    Talk about lipper, still a great round!

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    Great way to bounce back after a lackluster last week.


    Phil was on fire ! Unbelieveable result with that putt lipping out......

    Didn't break the course record he set but tied it. Not too shabby at all in my book !

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    Painful...still a great round but that one should have dropped.


    Just saw a replay of the lip out.

    WOW! Haven't seen one that severe for ages. Boy he was seriously stiff!


    I think it's cool how the top players play on what could be considered their "home Course".

    TW wins at Torrey Pines

    PM shoots 60 at TPC Scottsdale

    Looks to be a great year.



    Hope Phil can keep it going. He has had some tough breaks in the past, I would like to see him win one more major.


    I have no idea.  He left one just short on the 8th, his 17th as well.  Birdied every par 3, he must have the short game working.  Fun to watch the replays.


    i wish i had picked phil for my fantasy lineup.


    Unbelieveable round for PM. He had a 58 in his sights for sure. Those putts on the last two holes were sure things, absolutely there, and didn't drop. I really hope he continues to stiff 'em this week.


    When Phil is on he's on, but when he is off he's way off as well, putting it in the fairway off the tee was definately the key as usual to him shooting lights out


    PM was on Fire yesterday....

    Outstanding display of golf.

    -ICONs for All


    Definitely a heckuva round, but I also could not believe that putt didn't go in.