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    Nice win by Tiger! Just needs to pull it together on the weekend of a major.


    Doesn't matter if its TW, Jack, Arnie or The Hawk, if you're playing like molasses, then you need your right rear pocket tapped by the PGA Officials! Heck, LPGA fined that American last year for slow play!

    Fining the slow player is not the answer.  Give them penalty strokes that affect their bottom line for the week and you'll see play pick up faster than continuing to simply fine the slowpokes.  And, yes, there are circumstances--like those encountered by the group in front of Tiger on Monday on 17 and 18--that could mitigate such a penalty.  The Tour needs to get on top of this before it gets totally out of hand.


    Todd, I agree it shouldn't matter who it is, but unfortunately, the the top players are bigger than the tour.  it would be horrible press if the PGA Tour fined a top player and cost them a win.  but if those guys would get on board and say that's what they want, it could happen.

    Ted, you're right, penalty strokes are the only thing that will get their attention.  and they need to get on top of things and get a process in place.  the timing issue for each shot i don't think will work.  they need to consider other influences as well.  a ball with a perfect lie from a good distance should be quicker than ball in a divot on the short side of the green with water in between.  if they can figure out how to differentiate those two situations, they will be on to something.


    TIGER! What a fascinating paradox of a player..Clearly when he's in sync, he is as good as anyone on tour even if he isn't the Tiger of a dozen or so years ago. That fact is remarkable - But experience hasn't steeled his nerves much - He still has what Hank Haney said was little confidence in his driver swing and that is problematic. Should be a very interesting season...


    Im in favor of fines or stroke penalties.... I hate slow play while playing and while watching! Ams watch this crap and think its okay to line up a two footer or wait for the green to clear and youre 285 out!


    Boy oh Boy. TW just loves the place and he played great. THink it will be a big yeah for him.