Who winds this week...predictions?

    Will Phil be on his game?  Can Tiger bounce back from his penalty shot and travels from the Mid-East?   Will another rookie "go low"?


    Phil is packing his house up and moving so he'll be too distracted//Tiger will add to his fold of ace instructors adding a Nike certified rules guru trained by none other than Sean Foley. The guru will assess each shot and lie and tell Tiger how he should proceed. How about Russell Henley??


    Could be a Bubba week? Not sure Phil is in the right frame of mind yet.


    Will be an exciting tournament.

    Not sure who I am pulling for right now.


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    Maybe since Tiger is getting his wife back will result in the return of his A game...   Just a Thought


    TW....   Can't wait to go Saturday, rain or shine!


    Sneds or TW . Each has fond memories to keep them balanced and focused.

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    I wouldn't be surprised if Nick Watney is up there come Sunday afternoon

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    Tiger Woods, the best horse for the course


    Looks like Mother Nature has her way with the tournament....

    No play for a while.

    -ICONs for All


    Wow! Tiger is looking pretty good. Three holes, two birdies. That's strong. That third hole from 200 yards is very tough. For him to take on that flag means he has a lot of confidence in his ball striking. Tiger is going to be hard to beat if he keeps that kind of play going.


    And free Monday golf!! Go TW!

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    Is Tiger using a Ping putter or just a Ping grip on the Nike putter?

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    Still love watching Tiger play.  When he is on he is fun to watch.  Looks like the old Tiger out there.

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    Congrats to Tiger!!!