Euro Ryder Cup Captain choice


    Paul McGinley is the Ryder Cup Captain for the next tilt in 2014. Great player, enthusiastic and dedicated and the choice of a committee of players including some likely choices for that team.

    Does the USA have much player input in the selection of Ryder Cup captain?

    What are your thoughts on this question and the choice of Paul McGinley...


    PGA of America makes the USA Captain choice. Since I am not a member, I have no idea how much "input" is solicited. Also, as noted by this Euro pick, the isn't a "requirement" that their Captain has a Major win to qualify, since Mr. McGinley has not won a Major. In the US, a Major victory is required.

    I have seen nothing but praise from the Euros so far on Mr McGinley's selection. He was/is a "players player," so I'm sure he will resonate in that regards. While he never won a Major, he was a tough competitor in the Ryder Cup, so he knows how to win in the format.

    Will surely be interesting to see him match wits against Mr Watson!


    We are not asked for our opinion on the Captain, it is decided at a very high level in side PGA management.


    That is what I was thinking....Need to find the appropriate profile for the job at hand.


    As long as the Euro's still have great players on the team who have not won a major, like Rose, Sergio, Poulter, Westwood and Donald  along with Rory they could fill out the team with hackers and compete. McGinley will be a fine captain.


    Maybe the USA selection process should e re-examined in light of  the US record of one win in the past  six Ryder Cups. Maybe players enthused about their captain will play better for their captain. Chemistry is but one component of many in creating victory, but a vital one, in my humble opinion...

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    Delighted for Paul McGinley being selected. Hes definitely the correct man for the job. First Irishman to be selected as Ryder Cup Captain. Happy Days

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    I think it's a nice choice. Who's captain doesn't really make much of a difference.


    Great Choice!

    He's extremely passionate and will move heaven and earth to ensure Europe triumphs again in 2014.

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    I think the Euros will use it as something to announce themselves as a " underdog" - they will say look the US has the legend Watson and we have the "average joe" McGinley.

    I dont like the fact that the US captain needs to have won a major, that eliminates some players that might make a good captain.