Community Only : 2012 - 2013 FJ Sport Sweespstakes

Community Only : 2012 - 2013 FJ Sport Sweespstakes


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    How to enter: click reply in the top right corner of this post and tell us about your most memorable walk ever taken on the golf course.

    It could be the first round with your son or daughter, the first time you broke 80, a tournament win, playing a prestigious course. Tell us why that round was so special.

    Two winners will be randomly selected from entries. Winners will have their choice of the all new FJ Sport or FJ Sport Spikeless (1 pair per winner).

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    My round at Medinah as part of the FootJoy Ambassadors Invitational in 2011 stands out.

    First, to be able to play Medinah, the storied course where so many great, great golfers had played, was both an honor and a privilege.

    Second, to have the opportunity to meet face-to-face for the first time with people I already considered my friends was amazing. It sounds strange to feel like you've known someone forever that you've never even met, but that was the common feeling.

    Third, to be included by FootJoy in its first ever community event was incredible. It increased my loyalty to and respect for the company a hundredfold.


    I would have to say it was the finals of the match play tournament at my course last year. It was a back and forth match played in a light rain with temperatures in the 50's. With a full complement of FootJoy rain gear and a pair of Icons, I stayed dried and finally prevailed 1 up on the 18th hole.


    the round that always comes back to mind for me was an early summer round with my Dad.  there was nothing special about it.  we were just playing as many holes as we could one evening and finished in total darkness.  i was probably 14 or 15 at the time.  i remember there was a pool party going on at our club and you could hear the music over most of the course.  we were by far the last people on the course.  now that he's gone, the ordinary rounds that we spent together seem to have so much more emotion than i realized at the time.


    The most memorable walk on a course that I've ever had was with my son.  He was 6 years old at the time and I thought we could walk a few holes one afternoon.  Big mistake.  We got through about 3 holes, which put us at the farthest point from the club house, when he decides that he can't walk anymore and has a meltdown.  Luckily it was late afternoon and no one was there to witness it - or be held up by us.  I ended up pushing two bags and a kid on a push cart.  It was a great endorsement for the brand of push cart that I use.  Our family still laughs about it every time we play golf. 


    This summer playing wth my dad and cousin on a fantastic course just outside Ottawa. Now that we live in different countries I don't get to spend as much time as I would like with him, so to have a day just with just family playing golf was fantastic. He almost got his first hole in one, and was so excited to get to the green and see how close he was. A memory I will never forget.

    And he made the putt for birdie!


    This is hard, but the one that truly sticks out is my first round of golf on January 16, 1976 at Texas A&M Golf Course. The tee shot on #1 flew about 150 yards dead straight then snapped right like a Sandy Koufax curve ball to go 150+ yards dead right into #18 fairway. Then, the game went sour. HOWEVER, as poor as my play was, that round was so much fun that I was hooked for life. It's been a great fun the last 36.5 years.


    Any of the numerous rounds with my father.  The course and score are irrelevant now that he is gone.  Just the memory of the time with him playing golf and talking.  




    my most memorable walk ever taken on the golf course was my first time I ever played. I didnt play very well but that was what kept me comming back... like they always say 1 good shot will bring you back and I guess they are right. my next memorable moment is when I go on the FJA invitational in a couple of weeks 


    In July this year, my father-in-law and I played Pete Dye's Big Fish Golf Club up in Wisconsin.  'We got off the lake for a day to hit the links.  One of the nicest courses I've played, links style on the front 9 and then in the woods for the back 9.

    I shot a 90 (3rd best score for the year) that day and didn't play great.  It was just beautiful looking at the detail of Dye's design and enjoying a beautiful day up north. 

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    My most memorable round would have been in August 1987. It was Sunday around 4:00 PM and the golf tv broadcast had just ended with plenty of daylight left in the Pacific Northwest for playing golf! I grabbed my clubs, John my 11 year old son and his clubs and Joshua my 6 year old. Kenawanda is track built on a big hill about 5 minutes from the house so we were on the first tee by 4:30. As we were walking, by around the 8th or 9th hole Joshua was getting tired and doing a little whining and wanting to go home. A few holes later John was tired of carrying his clubs! I was determined to get the full 18 holes in before dark so I put Joshua on my shouldersand carried John's clubs and my clubs the last five holes and putted out on 18 just before it was too dark to play anymore! Ah the memories! The boys and I still laugh about that one today.


    As some of you may have recently read. my most memorable round occured very recently when I took my 15 yr old out for a round of golf on his last day before school started this fall. It was in my post titled "best last day of summer vacation "

    I don't know if I'll ever have round that will top that day.


    Father's day with my dad when I was 19. I had just started playing golf and my Dad and I decided what better way to spend Father's Day than on the golf course. I had just started playing at this time maybe about a year's worth of golf. I had never beaten my Dad. We both played great, and standing on 18 tee I had a two shot lead. I piped my drive into the fairway and so did my Dad, he hit the ball over the lake onto the green and I stepped up to my shot and promptly hit it into the lake. I was really nervous and hit another one into the lake. I took a 7 on the hole and my Dad beat me by one. Understandably I was not happy, and my Dad laughed and said "Son, there will come a time when I will never be able to beat you at my best, thanks for the memory of this Father's Day victory." To this day the story comes up about my "Father's day disaster" haha


    A few years ago (really quite a few years ago) a couple of friends and I made a trip to the Homestead to play.  On the 15th (par three near the club house) one of the course's pro asked if a gentlemen could play the last 4 holes with us - we said sure.

    A waiting a couple of minutes here comes Sam Snead - needless to say - that's was a pretty special way to finish our round of golf.


    I would have to say that one of the most memorable moments was during one of the first few rounds I had ever played.  I was on the second hole of a local course that has a water hazard.  You need to drive it about 210 yards to clear it, unless you want to lay it up.  This was the very first time, out of the many attempts, that I actually cleared the hazard. 

    I remember strolling over to where the ball lay and having the biggest smile on my face.